jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Thisi is *Beauty*

I am beautiful  no matter what they say...-8-

That´s the way people should see beauty...
Sometimes I feel that beauty is an ugly word, everyone is obsessed with it and not in a good way!
Beauty is a matter of everyones culture and values for example:
Little girls dream about being as beautiful as her idols, like Milye Cyrus or Selena Gomez,  big girls look at Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, or other artist ans entretainers tha define in the social mediums what beuaty is.

For me is beauty in a person is a sweet smile... shiny eyes... a clean and well dress person and that doesn´t mean it has to be expensive clothes!

You don´t have to be super skiny or wear prada every time to be beautiful, wear what you have in the body that God gave you but do it with a high self-steem and a nice attitud.

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