martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

This is my english Blog.!

Hey everyone, since today this will be my blog for the english class level 6! Here I´ll post my homework and the things that I want to share with my classmates so I can practice at the same time!

That´s Me
My beautiful family
My name is Virginia Perea but everyone calls me Viggie! i´m 21 years old goin on 22 very soon :)... I live in Maracaibo with my housband and my daughter in Cecilio Acosta. I study mass comunication at URBE and my favorite subject is informative journalism 2! I´m in the 6th trimester.

I enjoy being with my family and share all the things that I like with them, like eat pizza or watch a moovie! I love chocolate and talking on the phone. I also love traveling.

I dislike people who doesn't know what respect means. I hate lies and loud noises.

My main drem is to graduate as soon as I can so I can find a nice job to be able to give my daughter a nice and comfortable life! I also dream about traveling to Ney York and Paris!

English is the lenguage that I love the most after spanish, I feel free to say anything that I want and I'd love to learn a little bit more in this class so I can perfection it.

So... that´s just Me :) hope you enjoyed it!

Say yes to life and all the oprtunities in it... Bye!

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