miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

A new Paraphernalia history and dialoge

Diane was a country girl who lived in a very old house... It was far away from the town and near to the woods.
The house was abandoned but she never left... she lived there wating  for her family to comeback, that's why she kept so many old and useless objects, just to feel a company with the memories that she got with all of them.
One day she was staring at a few botelled fireflys that she had because there was no light at her house...

Diane: Ohhhh! I wish I could see this kind  of beauty outside this house....

And sudenly she hears a big noise, she looks and realized that is coming from the roof .

-Diane: Oh my God!!! what's that horrible noise???!!!

The roof starts to crash and she's geting really scared.

-Diane: Dear Jesus! this must be something really big! My roof is falling on me! Somebody help me!!!

Then something falls over her and let her on the floor. She finally got up to find a extrange man lying there like inconscient...

-Diane: Who's this man?

And Bang! she run into a pile of boxes and fell over him! That's whan they met... they look into eachothers eyes and the surprise makes them nervious.... Diane runs and hide really ashamed and Andrew trys to introduce himself to her and also apologice for breaking her house...

-Andrew: Oh please miss, don't be afraid, I'm not a bad person and I don't have bad intentions, this was an accident... pleas forgive me!

Diane is still hiden and Andrew decides to check the damage on the flying machine that's stuck on Dianes roof. He gets a lamp out of his bag to see better his machine, and Diane amazed gets closer and closer to see that wonderfull light that remind her to her fireflys!

-Andrew: Dont't be scared little lady come and see! this is an object that I've crated with fireflys light! come!
-Diane: Ooooh how beatiful!

Some fireflys came out of the lamp and light up a few air ballon that diane had as decoration.

-Andrew: So, You like air ballons? come and take a look to this images, You're  gonna love them!
Diane is still amazed and she is so shy that she can't pronounce a word to Andrew.

They started looking at the images and Diane couldn´t belive how beatiful and amazing those images were! but Andrew had to go... So he invited her to come.. but she didn´t acept... she´s too scared to leave her safe world...

Andrew: Let´s go, I can show You much more beatiful things miss!
Diane: No, I´m sorry, I can´t leave my home!

Very disapointed Andrew got into his flying machine and satrted flying...
All alone again Diane was very sad because Andrew left, but there on the floor, there was her only hope, Andrews googles
So she ran to the roof and try to catch him

I´m comming with You wait!

And so that´s how their love story begon

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